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The game of tennis is a sport that can be played and enjoyed by everyone. Health and fitness is essential to living life to the fullest and tennis will help to achieve this goal. Many of us are busy at work, school or doing some other activity that seldom offer the exercise needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits and rewards are many. 



Maintain Good Health             Sleep and eat better. Do everything else with strength, skill and drive.


Lose Weight -                           You will see and feel the difference.


Balance -                                  You will always be on your toes.


Cardiovascular Health -               Great for your heart and lungs.


Flexibility -                               Stretches muscles and joints.


Endurance -                               Exercise longer without feeling stressed or tired.


Confidence -                              Keeps you focused, relaxed and alert.


All Season Sport -                       Play outdoor and indoor despite the weather.


Total Body Fitness -                    Firm, tone and condition the whole body.


Exciting -                                   Not boring. Never a dull moment.





What is offered:


Personalized, professional, one-to-one tennis sessions.







Private and semi-public tennis courts in the city. We will also use the wall.






Morning, afternoon and evening sessions.






Flexible. We will work with your schedule.






One hour. You can do as many sessions as you want.
Bring liquids.




Who can participate:


Anyone can play, including grandma. However, pets can only be spectators in the cheering section.






Wear something comfortable. T-shirts, caps, visors, shorts, sweatsuits and sneakers are fine. Sorry, no high heels. 




How many people:


Single one-to-one sessions or group sessions.






Welcome! We will gently guide you in the right direction.




In home sessions:


Yes. We will come to you.




Personal training:


One-to-one fitness training sessions offered and we will come to you.




The coaches:


Experienced, dedicated, professional, patient and caring individuals who will help you reach your goals. When you are happy we are happy. 



Tennis For Your Company:


Introduce tennis to your staff and watch the increase in production. 




Tennis For Kids:


Children are the leaders and champions of the future and the time for them to learn tennis is now. They will fully understand what discipline and control is all about. 





Tennis will build your confidence with regular practice. Timing is important when you hit the ball. Just remember to relax, be patient and focus on your shots and you will eventually have complete control of the game.  Don't be shy, start tennis lessons today and have fun!!




Can You Teach Tennis?


Tell us about your tennis coaching skills. Send your picture and resume to:














Let us know about your tennis and fitness goals today.



You Will Enjoy The Experience

Call: 646-926-4179


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